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Risk Management

Quality First Insurance works with specific carriers who work with Risk Management to provide on-site education and training. Creating effective safety programs is just one way that we provide quality services for our facilities. We also work with your safety committee to ensure they understand the value they bring to your facility so that safety becomes an ingrained, integral part of your business.

No Cost to You!


QFI works with independent consultants to provide additional education and resources at no cost to you!

Why Risk Management?


Risk management is a way for organizations to manage activities, both within and beyond their control, and in so doing reduce the risk of damage, exposure to legal liability, or injury to employees or clients. 

Safety procedures and risk management programs have a dramatic effect on employee injury rates and on the amount of damage resulting from natural events and human actions.


Risk management allows your organization to move toward its goals and objectives on a more direct, efficient, and effective path.


The key to success is for every staff member to understand that risk management is the responsibility of everyone—from the top administrator to front line caregivers. It’s only as a team that you succeed.

QFI understands that long-term care facilities provide a variety of services to residents, and the potential for injury is significant in the frail, elderly population that you serve. When employees practice safety measures in all they do they protect not only themselves, but also the people they have been called to serve. We work with your safety committee to ensure they understand the value they bring to your facility so that safety becomes an ingrained, integral part of your business.



  • On Site In-Services

  • Regional Seminars

  • Customized Risk Management Plans

  • Downloadable Safety Guides and Tips

We Provide the Following Services


Worker and environmental safety


Limited lift—in-services, policy development support • Slip/fall prevention training and support • Return to work programs • Employee drug screening support • Employee performance management support • New employee orientation programs • Guidelines for preventing workplace violence


Resident safety, risk reduction and management


Person-centered care planning support • Abuse prevention checklist support • Fall intervention support • Resident elopement guidance • Partnering to prevent unsafe acts • Identifying the cause of challenging behavior


Facility safety and liability mitigation


Fraud prevention support • OSHA compliance audits • Hazard identification and control • Safety committee development and support • Education on the impact of experience on premiums • Education on the real cost of accidents • Accident review process support • Supervisor accountability systems • Supervisor development • Accident investigation training • Tips for writing a solid plan of correction • Ethics programs and education • Compliance committee support • Assistance in improving the employee selection process • Safety program analysis/development


Other services


Nursing documentation education • Survey review and preparedness • Safety Fair support and participation • Incident reports—investigation and follow-up education • Individual department safety audit support • Back safety and lifting education • Disaster preparedness support • Resident rights in-services and education • Education for equipment use and safety • Culture change support • Management team building

"I have always felt as though we do not just sell Insurance to our customers and walk away. Risk Management is an essential part of our business and by managing risk we help ensure that we are protecting our customers wherever they are located."


-Kathy Mock

President QFI

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